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CPA: Immunizations2021-12-15T15:22:51+00:00

Collaborative Practice Agreement: Immunizations

Now is the time to add another service to make your pharmacy a health and wellness destination for your community! Pharmacy Services Inc. is now providing a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) with a physician for immunizations. The CPA covers the following immunizations:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Human Papillomavirus
  • Influenza
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Meningococcal
  • Pneumococcal
  • Tetanus and diphtheria/Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis
  • Herpes zoster

PRICING: PMP and MPA Members – $250/yr |  PMP or MPA Member – $300/yr |  General – $649/yr

To sign-up, please complete and return this form. For questions or additional information, please contact PSI Director of Professional Development Farah Jalloul at (517) 377-0224.

Controlled Substances Inventory Form2021-12-15T15:25:10+00:00

Michigan law requires an annual inventory of controlled substances to be completed no more than 30 days prior to May 1 and no later than 60 days after May 1. You must complete the inventory between April 1 and June 30 and keep a copy of the inventory on file. You no longer have to submit it to the state, but you must be able to provide it if requested by the state.

Be on top of this important task by using this Controlled Substance Inventory List available from Pharmacy Services Inc. To order, call (517) 484-1466 or use this printable order form and fax it back to PSI with credit card information.


  • One list: $35.00
  • Two lists: $65.00
Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking2021-12-15T15:31:14+00:00

Pharmacy Services Inc. has partnered with Michigan Pharmacists Association to offer “Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking” as a licensed program to organizations. This program meets Michigan’s requirements defined in MCL 333.16148 that health professionals complete education about identifying victims of human trafficking before licensure or license renewal. This program is available without continuing education credit as an institutional license of the content. This is an excellent option for businesses with multiple employees who need to complete the training. Contact Dianne Malburg at Dianne@PSI.solutions for information about institutional licensing and pricing.

If you are interested in requesting a speaker for a live “Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking” program, please contact Info@PSI.solutions. Live program speaker fees are $500 per hour plus travel expenses.

Pharmacy Tech Prep Online2023-01-09T15:24:39+00:00

PSI is proud to offer Pharmacy Tech Prep Online, an employer-based training program approved by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy, to assist pharmacies with the hiring and training of new pharmacy technicians.

For pharmacies wishing to enroll individuals in Pharmacy Tech Prep Online, please click on link below to register online. Questions or comments? Please e-mail Products@PSI.solutions, or for immediate assistance, please call the PSI office at (517) 484-1466.

Register Here

Learn more about our program including how to enroll your technicians by clicking here. Or view our brochure by clicking here.

Our Products Partners2021-12-15T16:26:31+00:00

Pharmacy Services Inc. is proud to partner with companies that offer products that support pharmacists and pharmacies. Ensuring our customers have access to important goods and services that make their businesses successful and their patients satisfied is a priority for PSI.

Pharmacy Services Inc. and Michigan Pharmacists Association have partnered with ProCPR to bring an accredited online CPR certification program to pharmacy professionals. This blended approach to CPR certification allows individuals to complete the written content portion of CPR certification using an online platform at a convenient time and location. To complete the course, they simply register for a skills review session where they demonstrate their ability to effectively perform CPR to an approved trainer. View this informational brochure for additional details including how to register.

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