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With the passage of legislation that requires licensure for pharmacy technicians, pharmacy technicians employed by pharmacies are required to be licensed or be enrolled in a Michigan Board of Pharmacy approved employer-based training program and working towards licensure.

PSI is proud to offer Pharmacy Tech Prep Online as your employer-based training program to prepare technicians for the certification exam and licensure. Pharmacy Tech Prep Online is the technician’s best resource to study all of the information her or she needs to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam required for licensure as a pharmacy technician in the state of Michigan.

Using Pharmacy Tech Prep Online, pharmacy technicians learn through 13 on-demand educational videos covering important topics including pharmacology, pharmacy law and regulations, medication safety, inventory management, billing and reimbursement, and pharmacy calculations. Also included in the program are helpful resources to assist technicians as they begin practicing as a pharmacy professional.

Enrolling Your Pharmacy Technicians2023-01-09T15:32:34+00:00

For pharmacies wishing to enroll individuals in Pharmacy Tech Prep Online, please click on the link below to access the online registration form. For immediate enrollment, please call the PSI office at (517) 484-1466.

Register Here

PSI will validate Pharmacy Management Partners membership status on all orders prior to completing the enrollment process and notify you if adjustments are needed to your final pricing.

Michigan Board of Pharmacy Approval2021-12-15T15:12:38+00:00

The Michigan Board of Pharmacy approved PSI’s Pharmacy Tech Prep Online as an employer-based training program under MCL 333.17739a(1)(3)(iv). As a Board-approved program under MCL 333.17739a(4), individuals who are enrolled in PSI’s Pharmacy Tech Prep Online program are allowed to work in the pharmacy without being licensed as long as they remain enrolled in the program. Program participants are expected to be working toward fulfilling the requirements of licensure and will be expected to become licensed as a component of completing the program. Please see the program brochure for complete details, including frequently asked questions.

Information for Individual Technicians Interested in Licensure2021-12-15T15:16:15+00:00

Individual pharmacy technicians interested in educational resources to help them become licensed may visit Michigan Pharmacists Association’s online resources here. There you will find Frequently Asked Questions, information about technician job functions as well as the latest in technician licensure news.

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