Well Street Care Management Network™ provides services that facilitate the delivery of face-to-face medication therapy management (MTM). Well Street’s clinical services may vary based on the needs of the individual pharmacy and the pharmacy’s geographical location. Well Street is evaluating the feasibility of, and strategically planning for, establishing a network of participating pharmacies and pharmacists that would be paid by third party insurers for the delivery of direct-patient care services.

Successful completion of annual MTM reviews for patients is becoming more important for pharmacies as healthcare payer quality measures and star ratings now depend on it. Due to a variety of issues, some pharmacies rely on call centers to complete their assigned MTM cases, but the call centers have no personal connection to the patients.  Patients sometimes become confused—or even angry—when an unknown pharmacist contacts them regarding MTM services. To make matters worse, MTM call centers retain all of the MTM payment, which is income the pharmacy is losing.