Do you have all the coverage that a pharmacist needs for your non-medical activities?

As a pharmacist, you not only provide direct patient care in the pharmacy but also likely use your skills and knowledge in other settings. Many pharmacists speak at seminars, conduct training programs, serve as expert witnesses, teach in an academic institution or perform consulting services in addition to–or instead of–direct patient care.

Depending on the exact nature of your activities, even your personal professional liability insurance policy may not provide enough coverage. For example, consulting activities carry unique legal risks and may increase your exposure to the risk of a lawsuit. Do you know if you are fully protected today?

Through the PSI Insurance Agency, HPSO offers a Consulting Services Liability Endorsement that can be added to HPSO’s professional liability policy for only $25 a year. This endorsement will provide additional protection for lawsuits resulting from advice, testimony or consulting services a pharmacist provides as a licensed medical professional. (This coverage is not currently available to pharmacy technicians.) HPSO also provides a Case Management endorsement for pharmacists who are managing a patient’s total care—developing, assessing and coordinating treatment plans; or conducting utilization reviews. These endorsements are available to pharmacists whether they are working full-time, part-time, employed or self-employed.

To add one or both of these endorsement policies to your HPSO professional liability insurance policy, contact the PSI Insurance Agency today at (517) 484-1467. If you don’t have an individual liability insurance policy, call one of the knowledgeable agents at PSI Insurance Agency today to learn why you need this protection even if you think your employer is covering you!

Interested in learning more about your risks as a healthcare professional? Read the HPSO report, “2013 Pharmacists Liability: A Ten-Year Analysis.”